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This Is My Mixtape, You Probably Won't Hate It

by Gadzooks

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This is an ever growing compilation of songs I've written and recorded but cannot sell due to the fact that they're on other people's instrumentals (feds). So I give them away. These are some of my favorite songs. I will periodically add tracks as I complete them.


released June 1, 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Gadzooks Anaheim, California

Rap and I hate each other.

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Track Name: Monster/A Milli (Kill You In the Face Remix)
It’s like everybody knows I’m a motherfuckin' monster
And everybody thinks they’re a motherfuckin' mobster
Hapa the conquer-er and I got your
Rep in a slump like I gave it bad posture
I stir the pot, self maid self sponsored
Even in a recession I will always prosper
School of the hard knocks never went to Oxford
But my hunger is a bitch and you'll never stop her
No you will never top her
Who are these impostors, hmm, I’m not sure
This is my slaughter-house, you’re a squatter
Sacrifice rappers like lambs at the altar
I’m something like a boxer, you are just a cocker-spaniel
I handle the crabs and the lobsters in the water-world
Like Kevin Costner verse Dennis Hopper
Call me the Godfather, I’ll make you an offer
You can’t refuse, welcome to the hurt locker
I got the rocket launcher, I am the predator, get into the chopper
And now come around talking trash like Oscar
Thinking that I've fallen off my rocker
No bother, story of my life, could’ve been the author
Got um wired up like some undercover coppers, partner
Its your dearly departure
I’m riding with Dre and I ain’t talking bout the doctor
I’m talking bout my toddler
Raise him up proper
Read him Kurt Vonnegut skipped Harry Potter
Gadzooks is for the children
The fire starter here to burn down the building
Making a killing off of hands to the ceiling
Look at all these fake rappers I see millions

(A Milli)

I see a million here a million there, everywhere
I've got a feeling that they’re not really sincere
It really ain’t fair, they’re not really prepared
Silly rabbit, silly hare, tricks are for kids, solemnly swear
If these reptilians dare to square off with me
I will tear off civilian wear climbing the stairs tof my sniper tower
Take an hour to smell the flowers
Any coward ass rapper I will d-d-d-d-devour
Sister, mother, son, father, daughter, gynecologist
Astronaut, pizza delivery boy, optometrist
Pharmacist, pediatrician, magician, candidate
Heavy weight fighter, FBI agent, or the head of state
Get it straight
I don’t rap circles i rap figure eights
Around florescent rappers I drop um they disintegrate
Into great-big piles of innate bitch styles
Smile for the camera and for the scope of this rifle
Revival is not an option I provide you
If you want to kill me I invite you to try to
I threw my helmet on, hopped on my bicycle
Started pedaling and checked myself into the hospital
Hopped into the bed bandaging up my head
The doctor asked me what was wrong and I said
Motherfucker, I'm ill
Motherfucker, I'm ill
A million here a million there
A millionaire I am not but fuck you I really don't care
Track Name: Veggie Rap (Look At Me Now Remix)
Well I'm a vegetarian apparently I inherited it
From a caring individual who parented me
In a way that is not excepted by many modern Americans
But motherfuck em' all
Statistically speaking I'ma live longer than them
I make an honest attempt, it can be rather hard
But you should see how big I smile when I"m at the salad bar
I'm starvin' like Marvin so pardon if all of a sudden in charge in ya' garden
And bargain an arm and the farmin' disarmin' the carbon dioxide
Outside feels a bit alarming
And i feel it in my tummy that I gotta get away get away get away
From the death and decaying flesh and amazing stench
We dun made a mess of the way that this
Country consumes our natural resources abusing the horses
Cows and chickens diabetes climbing like the rate of divorces
I've been to many, many places
I don't eat anything with faces
And I know that I can be a little cocky
But I do eat a lot of broccoli
Every time I see a head of lettuce I just gotta go and then I gotta get it
Then shred it up and let it get up in the crevasses
And get the medicine embedded in it
Benefitted better than a vitameatavegamin
If anybody wanna get up in an argument
And politic over the positive and negative I'm ready when you are
Hardy har har, you fat slow pokes are quite under par
And I have the advantage easting like a rabbit
So I gotta cut up all my cabbage
So my diet like my rhymes is better than the average