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Cosmic Wink

by Gadzooks

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Written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Gadzooks
Produced by Artos

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These jigsaw pAnnotateuzzles that are my stream of consciousness 
seem monotonous
Gambling fleeting moments, I'm playing for keeps, pocket it
Marvel at my reflection seeing my mom and pops in it
Just a little bit more monogamous
Living proof positive
Gargling loose logic from brutally honest comics 
like scrutiny was a hobby
The object of my obsession 
gets stretched thin
Whenever brought into question, the estrogen wins
A borrowed investment
Tomorrow it sets in
I stick to my guns like Charlton Heston
I wallow in the hallowed hollows hollering "next" when on auto pilot
Flying on by all the pedestrians
My best friend doesnt have to call me cuz I live with her
So suck every megapixel of our big picture
Our own space, baby, we just passed the big dipper

Supersonic musical chupacobra
Defusing the unabomber 
inside of my true persona
When using it you could not imagine or fathom my passion
Illusion is lucrative
Loosing clapping matches to the one-armed man in the fugitive
Using booze as a lubricant
Turning wack rappers to eunuchs 
when I abuse 'em
Producing counter parts moving in unison
Ruder than Ludacris in his youth
And the truth is 
it is just as useless to persue as the conclusion of Ulyssis
You listen to me, sonny, I've been to the sunny side
Pride's just as conducive to foolishness as crucifix
Euphemisms for nuclear missiles
I'm stupid intuitive
Licking up the elixir from the universe's uterus I blew to bits
Earth to Pluto, brutal as Bluto
Numero uno, you already knew though
Pseudoscientific kudos to those finding loopholes
Before you stack your chips, learn to stack your duplos
You know, building blocks
I am too close to go back, it's crucial
To continue on the path you chose
Excuses, I don't use those
I stay on my Robinson Crusoe
Victory is sweet, it's all glucose
But keep your lips locked lest you sink the Mayflower
Do you make fine wine or just make grapes sour?
Seven minutes in heaven I'm on my eighth hour
So make your reality and we will make ours
With great power comes even faker friendships
Open arms growing out of what used to clenched fists
Right up until, "are we having fun still?"
I was the only soldier fighting this battle up hill
Probably end up no more than what I currently am
But I ain't worrying na'an
Probably end up no more than what I currently am
But I ain't worried

Just watching all my days roll by
Feeling like my times in short supply
Looking for a cosmic wink
A cosmic wink
All of my friends are leaving
They say that I'll see them
In a place I no longer believe in
Until I catch a cosmic wink
A cosmic wink


released February 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Gadzooks Anaheim, California

Rap and I hate each other.

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