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Fresh to Death

by Gadzooks

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these days it's kinda hard to call
this world's just a great big shopping mall
don't stop the party; we don't stop at all
we don't look each other in the eyes cuz we keep um on the ball
and all of the landscape is fake handshakes
and cellular phones that make pancakes
a nation of high maintenance and bad taste
don't know where we're but we're impatient and can't wait
tell me do you know what's at stake
how many wars can you store in your gas tank
with government mandates and tax rates
budget cuts, kids with more shrinks than classmates
when supply and demand rapes the land
and wastes resources taken at face value
is how to come in last place
lost in the fast pace of this rat race, for god sake
isn't that great, the corporate office
we live life in florescent lit boxes
the cannabis kills, the tap water's toxic
they profit from the boogie man in your closet
and a girl's best friend is a rock she pretends didn't come out of conflict
guess nothing says love like land mines
man kind must out it's damn mind
we know the war causes well known casualties
but we don't know the war's over cell phone batteries 
electronics enslaving kids in the congo
i know, the new iphone is so fly though

we the best of the best
want more for us want less for the rest
who does the work who collects the check
it don't matter cuz we fresh to death

it feels real but how do we know
this life's just a bad reality show
all of us fighting over crumbs that come in lump sums
get dumbed down until we become the humdrum worker bees
perfectly content with status quo
lets see here, what does the data show
a bunch of middle class minorities crying over their tax sheet
that last week willingly gave their money to athletes
now isn’t that sweet
this disposable culture of convenience will leave us in a trash heap
the climate's changing the polar bears are drowning
but the game is on so for now they'll take a back seat
we buy shit we don’t need
we helped breed wall street’s corporate greed with our own greed
so you can occupy til’ they don’t ignore
but when’s the last time you occupied a local store
computer driven consumerism's a new religion
no family guys, griffins too busy pewterschmidtin'
and you just sippin' that cool-aid, oh so delightful
eyes wide shut sleep walking through this deadly cycle


released January 30, 2012
Written, recorded & mixed by Gadzooks
Mastered by David Laney (Channel Fuse Media)
Produced by Vans Beats (The Cratez)



all rights reserved


Gadzooks Anaheim, California

Rap and I hate each other.

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